Bernard Buffet art authentication, research and appraisal

Buffet Experts consists of a group of art experts, art researchers, and art appraisers, all working together to authenticate and appraise the works of Bernard Buffet. We have been studying, researching, authenticating and appraising paintings and drawings by Buffet since 2002.

Buffet Experts will certify Buffet's paintings and drawings and issue Certificates of Authenticity (COA), research reports and perform both informal and official appraisals.

Our experts are fluent in French.

To determine if a painting or drawing is an authentic Buffet work, Buffet Experts use scientific tests, forensic methods, special photography, documentary research, traditional art connoisseurship and evaluation of crucial elements.

If you have a Buffet painting or drawing you would like to authenticate or appraise, you could not have come to a better place. Buffet Experts are the recognized experts on Bernard Buffet.